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12 October 2003

Dark flickering shadows,
a muffled laughter.
A first of many things,
but remembered forever after.

Sweet melodies play,
a fiery voice sings.
Passion is revived.
for the pleasures it brings.

A rhythmic beating,
the drummers heart races.
The pace soon quickens,
for the blaze he faces.

Now the moon is sinking,
drowning in the sea.
The warmth burns on,
and the stars will ever be.

The drink stops flowing,
the tired candle leans.
The night does sleep,
and the fox just dreams.
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Slac Archive - Fox


Yes its that time of year again. I've found a new one. This one is incredibly cute.Impossibly cute.Gorgeously cute. Did I get that point across to you. I think I need to go back to the beginning....

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Slac Archive - Fox

Job Title

All these years hating the old IT nicknames and now I have one I'm comforable with. Down with the adminz, down with the tekz because we are devz
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